Facesitting, smothering

Facesitting is when a woman sits on a man's face.

Though it is uncommon that a man sits on a woman's face, or a man sits on a man's face, a woman will sometimes sit on another woman's face.

In the descriptions below, an Encouragement Rate is listed. On a scale from 1-5, 5 being the most encouraged and 1 being the least, the types of facesitting are given a level of encouragement. Let's review the different types of facesitting:

Frontal facesitting:

When a woman facesits frontally, she is sitting on his face, with her back facing the man's feet. This is used so that the man's mouth is directly over the vagina. The Encouragement Rate is: 4. Facesitting was created so theat the woman's rear would fully cover the man's face. Frontal is acceptable, not usually pleasurable.

Reverse facesitting:

This is when a woman sits on a man's face, with her eyes looking towards the man's feet. In this method, the upper part of the man's face is engulfed by the woman's rear. Reverse facesitting earns an Encouragement Rate of 5, because the fat of the woman's rear is more frequently used.

Half facesitting:

When a woman halfly sits on a man's face, her rear is only covering half of his face. This method is mainly used in teasing. Encouragement Rate: 3. Though the rear still touches the man's face, he is not being smothered. If the woman proceeds to enter any of the above two methods, preferably Reverse, then that is usually satisfactory.

Partial facesitting:

Partial facesitting is when a woman sits on only part of the man's face. Encouragement Rate: 2. This method has no point to it, and it is discouraged.

The Crab facesitting:

This is a difficult position to describe. The man is lying down, as usual. The woman has her feet on the ground, bends backward, and then puts her hands on the ground. Her stomach should be facing the ceiling. When The Crab is used, the woman will proceed to smother the man's face with her rear. The Crab consists of two branch-off types: frontal and reverse. The frontal crab is when the woman's feet face away from the man's feet. The reverse is when the woman's feet are facing the same direction as the man's feet.

Encouragement Rate:

This is similar to Reverse, in the aspect that more rear is used.


Jeanssitting is when a woman sits on a man's face wearing jeans. This method is pointless because the victim does not see any skin, which is what facesitting was intended for. On all levels, Reverse Facesitting and Sandwich (you will read about that) beats jeanssitting. Even though Frontal Facesitting is frowned upon, jeanssitting is commonly used during that method.

Facesitting was created so that the facesitter use Full Cover facesitting, where the victim's face is completely covered with rear.

Here are some other versions of facesitting.

Schoolgirl Pin facesitting:

Sometimes referred to as SGP. This is when a woman sits on a man's neck, forcing her crotch to be in his face. Encouragement Rate: 3. This is commonly used in mixed wrestling, and it is a difficult position for the one on the bottom to escape.

Against the Wall facesitting:

This is when a man sits up against the wall, and a woman will proceed to back into his face, then grinding her rear into his face. Encouragement Rate: 5. Though the woman is not sitting on his face, it does involve smothering.

Sandwich facesitting:

This method deserves an Encouragement Rate of 9. However, if involves two women. The way you do this is: one woman lays on her stomach. The man follows, burying his face into the woman's rear. Another woman will then follow, shoving the man's face deeper and deeper into the first woman's ass. Or, if you prefer, this method does not need to be used by two women. The first woman can simply lay on her stomach, and the man can dig in. Like I said, Encouragement Rate of 9.

Stinkface facesitting:

A stinkface is kind of like the Against the Wall, except it is more commonly used with guys. It is also a wrestling move. In wrestling, the victim will sit up against the post, pretending to be defeated. The attacker will then back up, rubbing their rear into the victim's face. Commonly used by Rikishi and Torrie Wilson The main fault of the Stinkface is that it is not intended for the victim's face to enter the attacker's butt crack, which is always encouraged. The Stinkface is mainly used as a prank. This move is extremely discouraged, since the victim's face does not enter the attacker's crack.

Bouncing facesitting:

This is when a woman sits on a man's face, and bounces while she does it. Despite the fact this move is used during Reverse Facesitting, it is discouraged because the victim's face is not being smothered.

Facesitting Terminology:

Here are some terms, not counting the one's above that relate to facesitting.

1) Facechair:

This is the word used to describe the man who is being facesat.

2) Facesit:

The act of sitting on someone's face.

3) Facesitter:

The person who is facesitting.

4) Facesat:

The past tense of being facesitten.

Dress: It is discouraged that oral sex be used during facesitting. Because of this, women will usually wear panties, thongs, lingerie

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