The pleasure of sex toys and erotic lingerie

The sextoys

Anal Beads

Are a row of beads that are attached in a line. They vary in size and materials. They are usually inserted into the anus but can be used vaginally too. They give extreme pleasure especially when pulled out at the point of orgasm.

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are inserted into your anus and give you internal pleasure. They usually have a flat, flared base for easy removal. You can use them to penetrate or leave them plugged in while you masturbate or have sex. They come in various different sizes, shapes and colours.

Bullet Vibrators

Is a small vibrating sex toy used to stimulate the clitoris and all other erogenous zones.

Clitoris Vibrators

The clitoris is a female sexual organ. It is small and sits above the vagina just inside the labia (vagina lips) Over 70% of women orgasm mainly through stimulation of the clitoris. It enlarges when aroused. There are many toys designed to stimulate the clitoris.

Cock Rings

Are used mainly around the base of the penis to keep the flow of blood in the shaft. They are designed also to help keep the man erect. They come in many different styles. You can get vibrating cock rings, adjustable cock rings, and double rings which you use around the penis and balls to keep you harder and going for longer.


Condoms are a form of male contraception. They are thin, waterproof sheaths that cover a man's erect penis stopping any semen from entering the body, preventing the spread of an STI or pregnancy.

Desensitising Gel

Usually used for anal sex. It has a slight numbing effect making penetration more comfortable.


A non vibrating sex toy most commonly shaped like a man's penis and used to penetrate or stimulate the vagina or anus. They come in many different sizes and can be made out an array of different materials. Including silicone, latex, glass and jelly rubber.


Is another term to describe a dildo.


A world famous range of male masturbators. Their exterior is designed to look like a torch. They have different inserts with various different textures to imitate the feeling of the inside of a woman's vagina. The inserts are made of a patented super skin that feels incredibly life like. You can choose from vagina, ass or mouth designs.

G Spot

The G spot is a term used to describe an erogenous zone inside a woman's vagina. It is a walnut sized gland and when stimulated can give an incredibly strong and intense orgasm. Some women have been known to ejaculate when the G spot is stimulated. There are many toys to help find and arouse the G spot.


There are many types of gels out there and they all have different effects. You can buy gels to stimulate, enlarge, tingle, heat and even prolong ejaculation. You can also find flavoured gels and desensitising ones.

Love Dolls

Are usually inflatable dolls with holes that resemble either, the mouth, vagina or anus or all three. There are now some very life-like and well made dolls which are made from Cyber Skin, a realistic material that feels just like skin.


Lubricants are fluids (cream, gels and liquids) that ease friction and moisten the desired area making sex and masturbation more enjoyable. You can get lubricants that stimulate, tingle, heat and cool. They can help with intercourse if a partner is having any discomfort. There are also anal lubes that are specifically designed for anal sex. They are thicker than the average lubricant.

Penis Sleeves

Can be used to either add girth or length to a man's penis. They can also be used to add textures to a penis, dildo or a vibrator.

Penis Pumps

Are cylinder shaped devices that are used to enlarge the penis and help keep the man erect. They can also help men with erectile dysfunction. You use the suction pump to draw all the blood to the penis to give it more length and girth. They come in many different styles and vary in price. This is a temporary enlarging method.

Pussy/ Breast Pump

These pumps are used to enlarge and sensitise the desired area. Using a suction pump to draws blood to the surface.

Play mate

Also known as sex doll, blow up doll and love doll. Please see 'love doll' above for details.

Prostate Massagers

Are specially designed sex toys for men to find and stimulate their prostate which is located in their anus. They come in many shapes and sizes and are made out of lots of types of materials.

Rabbit Vibrators

A rabbit vibrator is a vibrator with an extra, smaller shaft to stimulate the clitoris combining internal and external pleasure. Very commonly shaped like bunny ears, but they also now come in many other shapes and styles.

Strap On

A dildo attached to a harness and used for penetration. They are commonly used by lesbians and also used in heterosexual relationships to give the man anal stimulation. Some Strap-Ons have permanently attached dildos and others are removable. There are many different types of harnesses out there with various different sizes and material attachments.

Sex Doll

Also known as love doll, blow up doll, and play mate. Please see 'Love Doll' above for explanation.

Sex Enhancers

These are different products used to heighten stimulation during or before sex. They include, G spot gels, aphrodisiacs, massage oils, room odorisers, stimulation creams, oils and lubricants.

Sex Essentials

Are products that we feel are essential- Condoms, sex toy cleaners, lubricants and batteries.

Vibrating Eggs

Come in rounded shapes that resemble eggs. They are used to stimulate any erogenous zone including the clitoris. They can be inserted to the anus or vagina for internal pleasure. Some come with wireless remote controls so they can be worn outside.


Is a sex toy most commonly shaped like a penis that vibrates. They can come in all different shapes and sizes and range in a wide variety of materials. They are used to penetrate either the vagina or anus and can stimulate and arouse any erogenous zone.



One of the most well-liked lingerie staples is referred to as the babydoll. A babydoll is primarily a brief version of a nightgown or a negligee. Babydolls arrive in vast variety of fabrics and models, and practically no two styles are the exact same. Babydolls are not meant to be worn underneath clothes, but rather to be shown although worn in the bed room.


Corsets are also a very well-liked piece of women’s lingerie. Corsets are short fitted bodices that support to form the torso into an hourglass shape. Corsets are also produced from numerous different types of fabric, and practically all sorts of corsets have a exclusive design. The majority of corsets lace up the back again, giving the purchaser the capacity to size the corset as essential.


A bustier is extremely related to the corset, except that whilst shaping the torso the bustier also lifts the breasts and oftentimes the bustiers are not adjustable like the corset. Bustiers perform well underneath quite a few sleeveless dresses for the best breast support without having bra lines.


A camisole, commonly acknowledged as a cami, is also a well-liked lingerie piece. Camisoles are sleeveless and frequently tight fitting, and can be worn below nearly something. Camisoles are often at ease garments, and need tiny or no special washing directions.


A chemise is also like a sleeveless undershirt, but not like the camisole it is loose fitting. Chemises can be created from any sort of materials, like cotton or silk.


Teddies are the most well-liked lingerie merchandise on the industry today. When you assume of sexy lingerie, teddies are one particular of the first issues that come to head. A teddy is a bodysuit piece and panties all in a single. Teddies are developed to be loose and effortlessly removable, and they are also designed to accentuate the wearer’s figure. There are quite a few distinct models and manufacturer’s of teddies in the lingerie market today.


Bodystockings are also a common piece of lingerie. A bodystocking is a tight fitting unitard, designed to show off the wearer’s body. The fantastic majority of bodystockings are produced from sheer material, and are not intended to be worn in public.


Stockings have also made on their own fixtures in today’s lingerie industry. Stockings are classic and timeless, and come in all hues, measurements and designs. Strap-on dildo sex toys can be used as a vaginal or anal sex toy and come in a range of sizes to accommodate beginners and experts alike.

Gowns and Robes

Gowns and robes are classically sexy items of lingerie. Gowns and robes have been all around as lingerie for a quite extended time. Gowns and robes can be manufactured from just about any material and can be short, extended or in between. There are quite a few distinct styles and models of gowns and robes on the market these days. The appearance of Male Masturbator Fleshlight just likes a best fleshlight, which is used in the daily life.


Panties are the vital basis of lingerie. With designers producing comfort and model a lot more obtainable, there are numerous possibilities with panties nowadays. From thongs to boy-cut to even full cut panties, there are matches for all various ages, designs and capabilities.

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